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Monday, 13 January 2020

5G network

Is 5G Network Good for this era or not?

                                  5G network

5G network starts to hit the market end of 2019 and will continue to increase the worldwide Area.
5G  is expected to unleash a massive internet of things. where  a billion  of connected devices needs a serve communication  network  with the specific trade between its speed and cost, now we talk about  some specification of 5G Technology so Its percentage of Availability is 99.9% and it comes in 100% coverage and the Big things is 5G network comes up to 10GBps data rate and that's  awesome things  10 to 100 x improvement over 4G and 4.5G network and 5G Network comes up to  9 or more years battery life for low power IoT  devices  and the interesting things  is that  the 5G Network connect up to 100 x Number  of devices  per unit area [ compare with  4G  LTE] and the 90% reduction  in  network energy usage

 Speed of  5G Network or Technology:-

                          5G Technology

Let discuss how fast is 5G  network so the speed of 5G  network is 10 gigabytes per second (GBps)  5G network is 10 to x 100 faster as compare to 4G  and 5G network use of shorter Frequencies Who calls millimeter-wave between  30 GHz and 300 GHz so that's' why  5G  is the king of faster network at this time. According  to  communications  law, the  large  Bandwidth, the shorter the frequency
But right now  the part where  you understand 5G is a  lot more than that

When is 5G coming?

                   when 5G network is coming

How long will this take a 5G  technology in terms of rollout and calibration?

5G network was launched by  ITU-R ( Radiocommunication sector) (International Telecommunication Unit) in 2012. Korea  and  Japan  started  to work  on 5G  network in 2013
Docomo did the first 5G experimental trials in 2014. Huawei, Samsung started model development in 2013  and now. Many companies or country  use  or permit some city like- Ericsson and Telia Sonera made commercial services available  in  Tallinn and Stockholm in 2018 and North America also has 5G availability  in  some location  in 2019

  • Deutsche Telekom started its 5G services in Berlin.
  • India is targeting 2020 for 5G roll-out.
  • The  5G  network is spreading like a spider web throughout the world. 
  • 5G technology offers extremely low latency.

What 5G is low latency?

                     5G network is low latency!

The 5G  Network takes very little time in completing a task the time taken between the sending and receiving of information from 200 milliseconds for 4G  and 5G takes 1 millisecond time just.
 and the main thing is that the 5G  network is very beyond our thinking. The 5G network  will change our environment, system or communication
5G/ the previous mobile generation at a glance
Mobile phone changes our society, behavior, and environment. mobile is a very useful gadget in this era. If anybody has any doubt or a  question than they were clear their all queries on mobile phones. In the last  3 or more decades the mobile phone and any other technology or gadgets have changed the way of living.

Advantages & disadvantages of 5G

Technology with 5 generations has many features and that technology will become very popular and specialized and which it will be beneficial for all place and people in all sectors like students,  professionals, in school, in hospitals, government sector and including a common man also 5G  technology has advantages or disadvantages also.

                   5G network advantages.


1. High  Resolution that too in short time and bi-directional large bandwidth.
2. The 5 G  network is more influential and efficient too.
3. The 5G network will support more than  50,000 connection in onetime and provide a huge broadcasting data (in Gigabite).
4. With the ease with the previous-generation 5G is the only network that can manage with the previous generation easily.
5. You can control your system 'desktop' with your smartphone easily and that is a very interested and funny thing.
6. Education can be easier.
7. Medical treatment can be easier.
8. In our defense, Army, Navy, Airforce monitoring will be easier to monitor any part of the world and this helps to reduce the terrorist and criminal activity.

Disadvantages of 5G:-

The disadvantage of a 5G network

Its speed would be more hampered due to imperfect technical support in the future. The work of this  5G technology is under process and its research on.
1. Developing of 5G network will require a lot of costs so this proves that its services won't be able to take the common man quickly.
2. The issue of security and the privacy of the 5G network is yet to be solved.
3. The eldest mobiles or gadgets would not be so powerful or able to take services of 5G.
4.5G is a very big challenge to us that it will able to deal with our nature or environment or not.
5. Explorers face the technical challenges of the 5G network.

                                 5G network

So finally, I want to say that 5G is the god of upcoming technology and future it makes our future bright it boon for technology and our accessories but not in nature. Because you all know that everything has a good or bad value and Business communication and networking have the big benefit of 5G network or 5G technology.

                                     5G network

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