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Tuesday, 4 February 2020




E-Commerce is a technique or process used for electronic business it refers to the buying or selling of goods and services through the help of internet and electronic money transformation. E-Commerce is a process managed by the manual way with the help of different platforms in one era. In E-commerce, we sell or purchase physical goods/products by the online medium.

E-Commerce is also a commercial transaction activity for a business to help in earning in an electronic way mainly e-commerce is focuses on the advanced level of electronic money transformation in an appropriate way to regulate the business for going concern. e-commerce gives us a non-cash facility because it makes transactions easy with the help of electronic medium like credit card debit cards smart cards via banks and other smart services all this included in the e-commerce platform.


The electronic commerce provide us more variety of facts and goods and products there is no any partial way of business they give their services for a long time and they manage their sale with the help of customer views and reviews. e-commerce makes the payment process easy by electronic communication methods through different channels one person to another person. so we can say that e-commerce is helpfull for the increase and improve the sale and it gives a boost to the products and services that we upgrade or what we show on our website to future earnings.



The E-commerce is beginning on 11 august 1994  a man sold a CD by the band sting with the first-ever online sale with the help of through his friend website NETMARKET an American retail platform. this is the first time when a customer purchase or buy something through the channel of world wide web or we can say it e-commerce in today scenario. then the e-commerce evolved to make products and services easy to discover a new method for business or retailer and also reflect the financial marketplaces who are mainly benefited by this process because we know that business depends on growth and maturity of products and services.

 E-Commerce also gives a good opportunity to small or medium scale industries they sell their business in big platforms with the help of electronic channels since E-commerce has evolved to make products easy to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces. small businesses and large businesses also gain benefits with the help of e-commerce. e-commerce also helps to remove traditional commerce drawbacks which enables them to sell their goods and services at a scale that was not possible with traditional offline retail.


E-commerce gives the chance to freelancing businesses it improves the level of buying and selling of products. if we using a medium of e-commerce channels we improve ourselves and also make independent freelancing business and it gives us an opportunity of developing your own views and thoughts because it is fully secure in nature everyone has the right to sell or purchase their goods and services.



NO -CASH TRANSACTIONS:- E-Commerce It refers to that type of transactions which is focus on non-cash payment methods because everyone wants the easy earning and with no any other kind of frauds or money duplication so non-cash help us to pay the balance of your transaction with the medium of electronic money transfer like cards debit credit ATM and any other channels which you prefer most so we say that it is non-cash transaction.

SUPPORTIVE APPROACH:- E-Commerce provides us the various type of sales which is categorized as pre-sales or post-sales it provides us better assistance for customer services for better output. it gives reports and generated instantly payment and also give us transaction details within in seconds so we can say that it is supportive approach for product inventory and stock savage it also helps in management of financial reports annually and per month .E-commerce is a process of business life cycle which provide us support for financial works official works and protect our money values in electronic path.


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT:- E-commerce has a feature of inventory control or inventory management for a long time. As we know that the sell or purchase depends on the technology or trend changes people are always interested in what they really want and also what product is match with their income so we say that inventory management is most important and the main feature of E-commerce it automates inventory management and generated firstly when we required that inventory in platform so it really helpful for efficient management and easy to maintain.

COMMUNICATION IMPROVEMENT:- Communication refers to the process of communicating or exchange your views and facts related to business transactions and it gives us the faster way of communicating with customers and partners it provides us efficient management and reliable feedback and it upgrades your communication level for it boost your thoughts and speed of communication.


UNIVERSAL APPLICABILITY: E-Commerce refers to universal  Applicability here means the e-commerce platform is applied all over the worldwide areas so universal applicability is present here we sell or purchase goods or services all around the world it provides us interconnect with each other and orders are generated by anytime anywhere in the world wide areas.

MARKETING ADVERTISING:-E-commerce refers to marketing and advertising of products and services and it gives opportunity to different type of small or medium-size industries and also provide an efficient market segmentation and proper management of what items we sell or disclose in our websites so we can say that the E-Commerce is a marketing and  Advertisement of physical products through the medium of  Electronic transformation or money without paper currency.


SALES ENHANCEMENT:-E-Commerce give us good feedback of payment and also it Utilize our time and money for long period .e commerce is mainly focus on the public view and they sale that products which is beneficial for their website or what people usually to buy at a reasonable price it should be matched with their income levels here we say that e-commerce is sold what people want and what they actually want with quality and also in reasonable price .so this process enhance the sales in a business for a long period.


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