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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Reason Behind coronavirus..!

Reason Behind coronavirus  

Reason Behind coronavirus  

(COVID-19)  the coronavirus diseases cause is related to mammals and birds now it affects the human body in their respiratory system. COVID-19 coronavirus range is approximately 27 to 34-kilo bases. COVID-19.



It is spread mainly from one person to other people this happens when the human being close contact with another person. we all are surviving in advanced technology world if you think we all are safe? but you all are wrong here because behind many diseases talk about diseases there are so many viral diseases which affects the human life badly and all this happens due to lack of knowledge and irregularity of peoples and negatively does things. The coronavirus is also a viral disease it is easily spreading in the environment and it affects the all age group whether they are senior citizens, youngsters, and kids.

 Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease it is a newly discovered coronavirus. As we heard so many news many rumors behind the coronavirus is a very critical disease when we know so many diseases all around us like cancer respiratory diseases. if we faced medical problems we have remedies for this, we prevent all peoples who are suffering from this situations and also give them knowing what we do to protect our body from these diseases how it happens how it spread in our surroundings how it takes time to infect a normal parson body. Nowadays the most popular viral disease is the coronavirus it affects the human's life very badly we all are understood by the name of coronavirus(COVID-19). it is spread for many reasons it affects a person's body when we contact infected peoples.

Symptoms of COVID-19:- 

Symptoms of COVID-19

It was well known the virus is the infectious disease most of the peoples follow the activity which is suitable for prevention for COVID-19 so we are here to show you the main symptoms to find whether he/she has been suffering from COVID-19 diseases or not most common symptoms for this is and its effect on upper respiratory system disorders.

  • Diarrhea NAUSEA
  • COLD

Reason Behind coronavirus

These all are the main symptoms for COVID-19 here is the question arises of how the COVID-19 affects the human body and what time it takes to spreads in the unaffected body. These all problems are infecting the human body after one by one after one week the medical consultants suggest that if a person's suffering from these symptoms they should examine their body they should take a medical check for their healthy future. Reason Behind coronavirus

we live in an underdeveloped country so many things were messed all the environment but the one thing was always stood here that no one loses hope and everyone believes in themself.
Why the coronavirus(COVID-19) It is mild diseases convert in moderate respiratory illness and it's not easily the recoverable disease. coronavirus. That's the main Reason Behind coronavirus.

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